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Wednesday, 12 May 2004
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Hot Inazma FAQ
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Common question for Hot Inazma Product

Hot Inazma

1. Can I install the device to all kind of vehicle?

   Yes,youcan. But their are some cars are necessary to process some if the battery is cover by battery case or difficult for attachment.

   And also,Some cars have special battery terminal(like the terminal are at side of battery case)In that case,Hot Inazma might not be attached.

2.What are the different between Hot Inazma and other similar device?

  Hot Inazma has function of "Protection-against reverse connection".And it has waterproofing.So,Theperformance of Hot Inazma is better more than other similar devices.

3.What is the basic condition of your fuel improvment data?

   Milage is differ from condition of all circumstances at the time of driving,such as car condition, road condition, weather, resistance of wind,etc.

   We testd the data by measuremachine which make as real driving condition.

   Test method.

  A. "Dynapack" is our measure machine,The axle of car is fixed and gasoline is filled up.

  B. Drive about 60 minutes,and measure the filled amount.

  C. Tested with light on, audio and air condition on as actual usage condition.

  D. One time without Hot Inazma,twice with Hot Inazma.(1 hour interval)

    After tested,the data came out to record.And it put in package material.

4.What does "Voltage is not stable" and "Voltage fall" mean?

   When you step on accelerator,you might experience under situation like "head light goes up" , "audio noice is change","Speed of power window is change"

   Voltage fall at the time of turning on electric devices(Air condition turn on, Audio power up)It's the reason of "Voltage is not stable".

5. I am thinking to install Hot inazma,which Hot Inazma should I install?

   There are 4 types of Hot Inazma series. LR(Street driving), MR(Multi driving), HR(High speed driving), Hyper (Multi driving with option system up-kit)

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