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Wednesday, 12 May 2004
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Hot Inazma FAQ
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Hot Inazma Hyper
1.  Please tell me the difference between Hot Inazma and Hot Inazma Hyper.

    Hot Inazma is Voltage stabilizer to assist electricity coming from battery.And then,Hot Inazma has 3 kinds of type LR, MR, and HR.

   Hyper has also function to stable voltage at multi engine rev(MR), moreover, it has slot for connection of earthing cables.

2.   I installed Hot Inazma already, and I am thinking to install Hot Inazma Hyper too.Is it effective?

   Yes,it will be effective,because of two Hot Inazma are installed,the accumulation efficiency will be increase. So, effectiveness will be increased.

3.  I have installed Hot Earth already, and off course, the cable is connect to nagative terminal of battery. Is it possible to shift the connecting point to slot of system up-kit of Hot Inazma Hyper?

   Yes, You can.

4.   There are some vihecle which are using a regulating system to vary power generation voltage. Can I install Hot Earth?

   Yes, you can. In that case, we asked  you to attach Hot Earth cable to car body instead of negative battery.By shifting Hot Earth cables to slot of Hot Inazma Hyper,the wiring line is conclude and appearance of engine room is very improved.

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