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Wednesday, 12 May 2004
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Hot Inazma FAQ
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Hot Inazma Pocket, Stabilize  electricity

1.  Can I Install Hot Inazma Pocket to branching socket?

    Yes,you can.

2.   Is the fuse built in?

   3 Amp. fuse is built in, and it can be exchange.

3.   Can I used it in any type of car?

   If the car is 12 Volts,you can used  for diesel, LPG or gasoline engine.And we have Hot Inazma Pocket for 24 Volts too.

4.   LED light doesn't turn off even I pull out ignition key,is it no problem?

   Most car have the structure by which electricity does not flow into a cigar socket after an engine turn off,but some European car and old years car are alway electricity flowing to a cigar socket.When Hot Inazma Pocket's LED not turn off,please pull it out from cigar socket.

5.  What is the self life of Hot Inazma Pocket?

   In our test result,the performance of Hot Inazma Pocket can be demonstrated 10 years or more. As assumtion, 10 years or more is calculation which the Hot Inazma pocket is used for 2 hours  everyday.

6.  What kind of principle is it?Is it the same principle with Hot Inazma?

   Basic structure ais the same as Hot Inazma, We cultivated the technology of Hot Inazma and miniaturized.

7.  How are the negative ion generated?

   Negative are generated from special process given to main body in Hot Inazma Pocket in respond to the flow of inside air by heat.

8.  I have already Install Hot Inazma, can I used Hot Inazma Pocket together and expect effectiveness?

   It is effective, since Hot Inazma Pocket compensates the electric power shortage in a portion far from a battery, you can expect synergistic effect.

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