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Wednesday, 12 May 2004
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Hot Inazma FAQ
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Fuel tuning, power ful magnetic!
1.  Can I install Hot Inazma HG to any car?

    If your fuel hose size between 12-16 mm.outer diameter,you can install Hot Inazma HG.

2.  Hybride car run by gasoline and electricity.When the car run by electric only,does HG give any influence to car?

    There is no problem. Hot Inazma HG will work at the time of running by gasoline.

3.  How much magnetism power? And also, what is the difference from the large power and small power?

   Hot Inazma HG designed at 5,000 gauss and its products size is considered not to damage fuel hose.It can be expected if the gauss is larger, more effectiveness. But,if product's size is larger than size og Hot Inazma HG, it might be damage fuel hose when the large vibration is come.

4.   How the fuel change after it passed through magnetism?

    By decomposing a fuel molecule, it became easy to combine with oxygen and make the combustor efficiency up.

5.   I heard that Hot Inazma HG should attach to fuel hose. How can I find fuel hose?

   Although there are some cars which is difficult to distinguish fuel hose, you will find installation space by running after the pipe from injection-of -fuel equipment which is located intake pipe side.

6.  Can I install 2 or 3 Hot Inazma HG to fuel hose.

   You can install Hot Inazma HG as much as you want.

7.  Is re-writing car program require before or after install Hot Inazma HG ?

   Re -write car program are do not need .

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