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Written by Web master   
Wednesday, 12 May 2004
Special earth cable system to increase electricity flowing

1. Why is the fuel saving improved?

   Because ocombustor efficiency is improved.Combustor efficiency of engine improved due to installing Hot Earth, sinch Hot earth will make the minus electricity flow smoothly. According to the reason, combustor efficiency improved. And also, torque increase in range of low and middle engine rev. without stepping on accelerator.

2.  Which connecting points in engine room should Hot Earth, universal type be connected? Or the most effective.

  Our recommendation as shown below,

   1) Cylinder Head

   2) Intake Manifold

   3) Serge Tank

   4) Transmission Housing

   5) Cylinder Block

   6) Point( The original earth cable attached)

3.  Many similar product are in the market, what the difference between Hot Earth and other similar products?

   Quality/Performance are totally different. Our product made by 1,477 twist wires 99.99% pure copper, with copper teminal and connector. By this product specification, Conductivity are better.

4.  Can I install universale type Hot Earth to any type of car?

   Yes, you can install Hot Earth to any car even Japanese or European car(Expect car with special battery)

5.  I installed Hot Earth to my car by following instruction manual,but I don't feel any change or differ, why?

   The connection point you have installed may high resistance, had rust, corrosion, oil film, difficult to pass electricity, and performance may be unable to be demonstrated.

6.  There are some vehicle which are using regulation system to very power generation voltage,can I install Hot Earth?

   Yes, you can. In this case , we asked you to attach Hot Earth cable to car body instead of negative battery. 

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 September 2007 )
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